Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie – From Rags to Riches

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American businessman, philanthropist, and one of the richest men in history. Born in 1835, Carnegie grew up in poverty in Scotland before immigrating to the United States as a child. He went on to become a steel magnate and a major philanthropist, giving away most of his fortune to support education, the arts, and peace.

Early Life

Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835, in Dunfermline, Scotland. His father was a handloom weaver, and the family lived in poverty. In 1848, when Carnegie was 13 years old, his family immigrated to the United States, settling in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Carnegie began working at a cotton factory, but soon found a job as a messenger boy for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Business Career

Carnegie worked his way up in the railroad company, eventually becoming a telegraph operator and then a superintendent. He invested in various businesses, including oil and iron, before focusing on the steel industry. In 1873, he founded the Carnegie Steel Company, which grew to become one of the largest and most successful businesses in the world.


Carnegie believed that it was the duty of the wealthy to use their money for the greater good. He gave away most of his fortune, donating millions of dollars to support education, the arts, and peace. He founded the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Carnegie Mellon University, among other institutions.


Andrew Carnegie died on August 11, 1919, in Lenox, Massachusetts. He left behind a legacy of philanthropy and business success, and his ideas about the responsibility of the wealthy continue to influence philanthropic giving today.


Andrew Carnegie’s life story is a classic example of the American dream – a poor immigrant who worked hard, made a fortune, and gave back to society. His legacy continues to inspire people around the world, and his impact on education, the arts, and peace will be felt for generations to come.

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