Antiques are collectible items that have high value because of their considerable age, rarity, condition, utility, or other unique features. Antique collecting involves acquiring and maintaining older items, often from previous centuries.

Description and How to Do It

Antique collecting can include furniture, jewelry, books, coins, and more. It requires knowledge of history, art, and the specific items of interest. Collectors often visit antique shops, auctions, estate sales, and online marketplaces to find and acquire antiques.


  • Historical Knowledge: Enhances understanding of history and culture.
  • Appreciation of Craftsmanship: Develops an appreciation for craftsmanship and design of past eras.
  • Investment Potential: Some antiques appreciate in value over time.
  • Networking: Connects you with a community of collectors and experts.

Best Age to Start

While there’s no specific age to start, an appreciation for antiques often develops in the teenage years or adulthood.


  • Websites: Antiques Roadshow for insights into various antiques.
  • Books: “Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide” (available on Amazon).
  • Auction Sites: Websites like Sotheby’s and eBay for purchasing antiques.

Equipment and Costs

  • Reference Books: $20-$50 each.
  • Auction or Dealer Fees: Varies depending on the item and source.
  • Travel and Transportation Costs: Varies for attending auctions and visiting dealers.
  • Restoration and Maintenance Costs: Depends on the condition of the antique.

Starting Tips

  • Start by focusing on a specific category of antiques that interests you.
  • Learn how to identify authentic items and understand their value.
  • Attend antique fairs and auctions to observe and learn.

Recommended Practice Frequency

Regularly visiting antique shops, fairs, and auctions, and consistently researching.

Requirements/Tasks for Mastery

  • Develop extensive knowledge of your chosen antique category.
  • Build a significant collection that reflects expertise and discernment.
  • Network with other collectors and experts in the field.

Famous Antique Collectors

  • Henry Francis du Pont
  • Queen Elizabeth II


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