Consonant Digraphs

Consonant digraphs are two consonant letters that combine to make a single sound. These sounds are different from the individual sounds of the consonants themselves. Some examples of consonant digraphs include ch, sh, th, ph, and wh. Learning about consonant digraphs is important for developing reading and spelling skills.

Examples of Consonant Digraphs:

  1. Ch: The ch digraph is found in words like chair, chat, and much.
  2. Sh: The sh digraph is found in words like ship, shop, and fish.
  3. Th: The th digraph is found in words like thin, think, and bath.
  4. Ph: The ph digraph is found in words like phone, photo, and graph.
  5. Wh: The wh digraph is found in words like when, where, and which.

How to Teach Consonant Digraphs:

  1. Introduce the digraph: Explain to students that a digraph is two letters that make one sound. Start with one digraph at a time and use examples of words that use that digraph.
  2. Practice pronouncing the digraph: Have students practice pronouncing the digraph and the sound it makes. Use pictures or objects to reinforce the sound and help students make connections.
  3. Read words with the digraph: Read words that use the digraph and have students identify the sound. Practice blending the sounds together to read the words.
  4. Write words with the digraph: Have students practice writing words that contain the digraph.
  5. Play games: Play games like “I Spy” or “Word Bingo” using words that contain the digraph.


  1. Identify the consonant digraph in the following words:
  • Chair
  • Ship
  • Thin
  • Phone
  • When
  1. Write a word that contains each of the following consonant digraphs:
  • Ch
  • Sh
  • Th
  • Ph
  • Wh
  1. Use the following words in a sentence:
  • Fish
  • Graph
  • Bath


Consonant digraphs are an important aspect of reading and spelling. By teaching students to recognize and pronounce consonant digraphs, they will be better equipped to read and write words with these digraphs. Introduce the digraph, practice pronouncing the digraph, read words with the digraph, write words with the digraph, and play games to reinforce the learning of consonant digraphs.

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