Hair Donation

Hair donation involves cutting and donating one’s hair to make wigs for individuals who have lost their hair due to medical conditions, such as cancer treatments or alopecia. This charitable act supports those experiencing hair loss by providing them with a sense of normalcy and confidence during difficult times.


  • Supports Individuals in Need: Provides a tangible way to help others feel better about their appearance during medical challenges.
  • Promotes Compassion: Encourages empathy and understanding towards people undergoing health crises.
  • Environmental Impact: Offers a sustainable option for hair that might otherwise be discarded.


  • Websites: Locks of Love (, Wigs for Kids ( for guidelines on how to donate.
  • Videos: YouTube tutorials on preparing hair for donation.
  • Guides: “The Guide to Hair Donation” available on various charity websites provides detailed instructions on donation criteria.

Best Age to Start

Individuals can donate hair as young as 6-7 years old, provided they meet the minimum hair length requirements set by the donation organization (usually 8-12 inches).

Equipment and Materials

  • Hair Ties: To secure hair before cutting. Cost: Less than $5.
  • Salon Services: Some salons offer free or discounted cuts for hair donations. Cost: Varies, but free if part of a promotion.
  • Postal Service: To mail the hair to the donation organization. Cost: $5-$10.

Starting Tips

  • Research: Choose an organization and understand their requirements for donation, including hair length and condition.
  • Healthy Hair: Maintain healthy hair by avoiding harsh treatments and chemicals.
  • Plan the Cut: Coordinate with a salon that is familiar with hair donation guidelines.

Frequency of Activity

  • Preparation Time: Growing hair to the required length can take several months to years, depending on hair growth rate and initial length.
  • Donation Frequency: As often as hair reaches the required length and meets donation standards.

Requirements/Tasks for Mastery

  • Successfully donate hair to a recognized charity at least once.
  • Educate and inspire others to donate their hair by sharing personal experiences or organizing hair donation drives.

Famous Figures

  • Harry Styles: Known for donating his hair to charity.
  • Jessie J: Donated her hair to charity and shared her experience publicly, encouraging others to do the same.

Mastery in hair donation is not just about the act of donating but also about advocating for hair donation and supporting organizations that help individuals facing hair loss due to medical conditions.