Kindness Rock Project

The Kindness Rock Project is a global movement encouraging people to decorate rocks with inspiring messages or art and leave them in public places for others to find. The goal is to spread positivity, connection, and kindness through these small, creative gestures. Participants paint rocks and inscribe them with messages that uplift and inspire finders.


  • Promotes Creativity: Encourages artistic expression through painting and decorating.
  • Spreads Positivity: A simple act of kindness can significantly impact someone’s day.
  • Community Connection: Fosters a sense of community and belonging by participating in a global movement.


  • Websites: The Kindness Rocks Project ( provides inspiration and guidelines.
  • Books: “The Kindness Rocks Project: A Rock-Painting Guide and Inspiration for Positive Thinking” by Megan Murphy (Amazon) offers ideas and tips.
  • Supplies: Local craft stores for paints, markers, and rocks.

Best Age to Start

Children as young as 3 years old can participate with assistance, making it a family-friendly activity. More detailed painting and message writing can be suited for children 6 years and older.

Equipment and Materials

  • Rocks: Free if collected from nature, ensuring it’s legal to take them from the location.
  • Paints and Brushes: Acrylic paints ($1-$5 per bottle) and brushes ($5-$10 for a set).
  • Sealant: To protect the artwork, a spray or brush-on sealant ($5-$10).
  • Total Initial Cost: Approximately $10-$25 depending on what materials are already on hand.

Starting Tips

  • Find or Purchase Rocks: Look for smooth, flat rocks that are easy to paint.
  • Plan Your Design: Think about the message or design before starting to paint.
  • Seal Your Rocks: Apply a sealant to protect your artwork from weather damage.

Frequency of Activity

  • As Desired: This activity doesn’t require a strict schedule. Rocks can be created and placed whenever inspiration strikes or as part of a special occasion.

Requirements/Tasks for Mastery

  • Create and distribute a significant number of kindness rocks in various locations.
  • Organize a community event or workshop focused on the Kindness Rock Project, encouraging others to participate.
  • Share the project on social media or with local media to inspire wider participation and spread the message of kindness further.

Famous Figures

While there are no widely known celebrities specifically for the Kindness Rock Project, its founder, Megan Murphy, has gained recognition for starting this positive movement.

Mastery in the Kindness Rock Project is about the impact and spread of positivity rather than personal acclaim, focusing on how many lives one can touch through simple acts of kindness and creativity.