Colors and Shapes

Learn about colors and shapes in Spanish. It introduces a variety of basic colors and shapes, enriching students’ vocabulary and enabling them to describe objects around them more vividly. Engaging in interactive activities, students will learn to recognize and use these new terms in real-life contexts.

Vocabulary and Pronunciation:

  1. Rojo (roh-ho) – Red
  2. Azul (ah-zool) – Blue
  3. Amarillo (ah-mah-ree-yo) – Yellow
  4. Verde (ver-deh) – Green
  5. Naranja (nah-ran-hah) – Orange
  6. Morado (mo-rah-doh) – Purple
  7. Rosa (roh-sah) – Pink
  8. Negro (neh-gro) – Black
  9. Blanco (blahn-ko) – White
  10. Gris (greess) – Grey
  11. Círculo (seer-koo-lo) – Circle
  12. Cuadrado (kwah-drah-doh) – Square
  13. Triángulo (tree-ahn-goo-lo) – Triangle
  14. Rectángulo (rek-tahn-goo-lo) – Rectangle
  15. Óvalo (oh-vah-lo) – Oval

Practice Sentences:

  1. El cielo es azul y el sol es amarillo.
  2. Una manzana puede ser roja o verde.
  3. Tengo un coche naranja.
  4. La noche es negra.
  5. La nieve es blanca.
  6. Un semáforo tiene colores rojo, amarillo y verde.
  7. Mi camiseta es morada.
  8. Dibuja un círculo rojo.
  9. La mesa es un cuadrado.
  10. El papel es blanco y el lápiz es gris.

Practice Exercises:

  1. Coloring Activity: Color various shapes while saying their names in Spanish.
  2. Find and Name: Identify objects in the classroom by their color and shape in Spanish.
  3. Shape Collage: Create a collage of different shapes and label them in Spanish.


Have a “Color and Shape Day” where students wear clothes of a certain color and bring items of specific shapes to discuss in Spanish.

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