Grade 1 – Project Based Lessons

Month 1: Nature Explorers
Description: In this project, students will become nature explorers and learn about the different elements of nature such as plants, animals, and weather. They will go on nature walks, observe and document their findings, create nature journals, and even build a small nature exhibit in the classroom.

Month 2: Community Helpers
Description: This project focuses on community helpers and their roles in society. Students will learn about different professions like firefighters, police officers, doctors, and teachers. They will invite local community helpers to the classroom, conduct interviews, create posters, and organize a community helper fair where they can showcase their knowledge.

Month 3: Mini Architects
Description: In this project, students will explore the world of architecture and design. They will learn about different types of buildings, study famous structures, and create their own blueprints and models. They will work in teams to design and build a small cardboard city, incorporating elements of urban planning and creativity.

Month 4: Weather Watchers
Description: Weather Watchers focuses on understanding different weather patterns and phenomena. Students will study the water cycle, types of clouds, and the impact of weather on the environment. They will keep weather journals, create weather reports, and even set up a weather station in the classroom to monitor temperature, humidity, and precipitation.

Month 5: Healthy Habits
Description: This project aims to educate students about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. They will learn about nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, and the benefits of a balanced diet. Students will create healthy recipe books, design fitness routines, and organize a health fair to share their knowledge with their peers and families.

Month 6: Animal Kingdom
Description: Animal Kingdom introduces students to the diverse world of animals. They will learn about different animal habitats, classifications, and characteristics. Students will research and present information about their favorite animals, create animal dioramas, and even organize a pretend zoo where they can showcase their knowledge.

Month 7: Recycling Heroes
Description: Recycling Heroes focuses on promoting environmental awareness and the importance of recycling. Students will learn about waste management, recycling processes, and how to reduce their ecological footprint. They will create posters, organize recycling campaigns, and even participate in a community cleanup event.

Month 8: Inventor’s Workshop
Description: In this project, students will unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills. They will learn about famous inventors and inventions, explore simple machines, and brainstorm their own innovative ideas. Students will design and build their inventions using recycled materials and present them to their classmates.

Month 9: Cultural Celebration
Description: Cultural Celebration encourages students to explore and appreciate different cultures from around the world. They will learn about customs, traditions, and celebrations from various countries. Students will create cultural displays, prepare traditional dishes, and organize a multicultural fair where they can share their newfound knowledge with the school community.

Grade 8 – Spelling List

Grade 2 – Project Based Lessons