Grade 6 – Project Based Lessons

Month 1: Sustainable Energy Solutions
Description: Sustainable Energy Solutions project focuses on exploring renewable energy sources and their importance in addressing climate change. Students will research solar power, wind energy, or hydroelectric power. They will design and build models of renewable energy systems and present their findings on the benefits and challenges of sustainable energy.

Month 2: Media Literacy and Fake News
Description: Media Literacy and Fake News project equips students with critical thinking skills to navigate the digital landscape. They will learn about media bias, misinformation, and fact-checking. Students will create public service announcements, develop guidelines for evaluating sources, and organize a media literacy campaign to educate their peers.

Month 3: Exploring World Cuisine
Description: Exploring World Cuisine project introduces students to diverse culinary traditions from around the world. They will research different cuisines, their ingredients, cooking techniques, and cultural significance. Students will prepare and share dishes, create recipe books, and organize a multicultural food festival to celebrate global cuisine.

Month 4: Human Rights Advocacy
Description: Human Rights Advocacy project focuses on raising awareness about human rights issues and promoting social justice. Students will research and analyze various human rights topics such as child labor, gender equality, or access to education. They will create awareness campaigns, design infographics, and advocate for positive change within their community.

Month 5: Engineering Design Challenge
Description: Engineering Design Challenge project encourages students to apply engineering principles and problem-solving skills. They will identify a real-world problem and design innovative solutions using the engineering design process. Students will create prototypes, conduct tests, and present their designs in a showcase or competition.

Month 6: Cultural Exchange Program
Description: Cultural Exchange Program aims to foster intercultural understanding and appreciation. Students will research a specific culture or country, including its language, traditions, and customs. They will create multimedia presentations, organize cultural exchange activities, and collaborate with students from different cultural backgrounds.

Month 7: Investigating Genetics and Heredity
Description: Investigating Genetics and Heredity project explores the fascinating world of genetics. Students will learn about DNA, genes, and inheritance patterns. They will conduct experiments, analyze genetic traits, and present their findings through interactive presentations or create informative brochures on genetic concepts.

Month 8: Urban Planning and Design
Description: Urban Planning and Design project engages students in understanding the challenges and opportunities of urban development. They will explore sustainable city planning, transportation systems, and green spaces. Students will design and present their ideal city models, incorporating concepts of sustainability and livability.

Month 9: Community Service Initiative
Description: Community Service Initiative project encourages students to actively contribute to their community through meaningful service projects. They will identify local needs and develop plans to address them. Students may volunteer at local shelters, organize donation drives, or initiate environmental cleanup activities to make a positive impact in their community.

Grade 5 – Project Based Lessons

Grade 7 – Project Based Lessons