Preschool – Day 3

Circle Time:

  • Sing “The Wheels on the Bus”
  • Review the days of the week and the months of the year
  • Discuss any upcoming holidays or special events

Language Arts:

  • Read “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak
  • Discuss the story and the emotions the main character experiences
  • Practice identifying and writing the letter “W”


  • Introduce the concept of shapes and their names
  • Use shape blocks to make simple designs and patterns
  • Practice counting to 30 as a group

Social Studies:

  • Talk about different cultures and traditions around the world
  • Read “It’s Okay To Be Different” by Todd Parr
  • Encourage children to share their own family traditions


  • Introduce the concept of the five senses
  • Conduct simple experiments to explore each of the senses (e.g. taste different foods, smell different scents)
  • Discuss how we use our senses to explore the world around us


  • Use watercolors to create a collaborative mural
  • Discuss the colors and designs used in the mural
  • Display the mural in the classroom for the week