Preschool – Day 36

Circle Time:

  • Sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
  • Play a game of “Simon Says” using different body movements
  • Practice counting to 10 by having children count their fingers and toes

Language Arts:

  • Read “Caps for Sale” by Esphyr Slobodkina
  • Practice identifying and writing the letter “V”
  • Play a game of “Rhyming Bingo” where children match rhyming words on their bingo cards


  • Introduce the concept of sorting and categorizing using different objects in the classroom
  • Have children sort objects by color, shape, or size
  • Create a graph with the sorted objects and have children count how many objects are in each category

Social Studies:

  • Discuss different community helpers and the roles they play in our community
  • Use pictures or videos to show examples of different community helpers
  • Have children draw or create a craft related to a community helper they learned about


  • Introduce the concept of the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Demonstrate the different stages of a butterfly’s life using a visual aid or experiment
  • Have children draw or create a craft related to the life cycle of a butterfly


  • Create a collage using different materials, such as paper, fabric, or natural materials
  • Provide children with a variety of materials and have them glue them onto a large piece of paper
  • Display the collages in the classroom for the week.