Preschool – Day 40

Circle Time:

  • Sing “The Wheels on the Bus”
  • Have a show and tell where each child brings in a toy or object to share with the class
  • Play a game of “Simon Says” to practice following directions

Language Arts:

  • Read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle
  • Have children identify the main characters and events in the story
  • Introduce the letter “X” and have children practice writing it


  • Introduce the concept of patterns by showing examples of different types of patterns
  • Have children create their own patterns using manipulatives or drawing pictures
  • Play a game of “Pattern Bingo” using different types of patterns

Social Studies:

  • Discuss different types of jobs and careers
  • Show pictures or videos of different jobs and careers and have children share their aspirations for future jobs
  • Have children draw a picture of themselves in a job or career they would like to have in the future


  • Introduce the concept of plants and their life cycle
  • Use pictures or videos to show the life cycle of a plant
  • Have children plant their own seeds in a cup and observe their growth over the next few weeks


  • Introduce the concept of collage by providing different materials such as magazine clippings or fabric for children to create a collage
  • Encourage children to create a collage representing a favorite place or animal
  • Display the collages in the classroom for the week.