Preschool – Day 45

Circle Time:

  • Sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”
  • Play a game of “Hot Potato” to practice sharing and taking turns
  • Have children take turns sharing their favorite animal and why they like it

Language Arts:

  • Read “Corduroy” by Don Freeman
  • Discuss the theme of friendship and the importance of being kind to others
  • Have children practice writing the letter “W”


  • Introduce the concept of patterns by creating different patterns using objects such as blocks or colored tiles
  • Have children continue the pattern and create their own patterns to share with the class
  • Play a game of “Pattern Race” by having children race to complete a pattern first

Social Studies:

  • Introduce the concept of community helpers and the different roles they play in our society
  • Show pictures or videos of different community helpers and discuss their jobs
  • Have children draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up and share with the class


  • Introduce the concept of the water cycle and the different forms of water such as rain, snow, and ice
  • Have children create a water cycle diagram and label the different stages
  • Conduct an experiment to show the water cycle by placing a bowl of water in the sun and observing the evaporation and condensation process


  • Provide materials for children to create a collage using different textures and materials such as tissue paper, cotton balls, and felt
  • Encourage children to create a scene or image using the different materials
  • Display the collages in the classroom for the week.