Unit Study: Kindergarten Discovering Famous People

Age and Grade Requirements

  • Age: 5-6 years old
  • Grade: Kindergarten


By the end of this unit study, students will be able to:

  1. Learn about various famous individuals from different fields.
  2. Understand the contributions and achievements of these individuals.
  3. Develop an appreciation for diversity and the value of pursuing passions.
  4. Enhance language skills through discussions and storytelling.
  5. Gain exposure to basic concepts of history, innovation, and inspiration.

Schedule (5 Days)

Day 1: Introduction to Famous People

  • Introduction to the concept of famous individuals and their impact
  • Identify and discuss famous people from diverse fields (e.g., science, arts, sports)
  • Arts and crafts: Create “Famous People Collage” using pictures and magazine cutouts

Day 2: Exploring Artists and Creators

  • Focus on artists and creators: Discuss painters, writers, musicians, etc.
  • Learn about their creative works and contributions
  • Art activity: Create “Artist’s Masterpiece” inspired by a famous artist

Day 3: Discovering Scientists and Inventors

  • Focus on scientists and inventors: Discuss inventors, scientists, and their innovations
  • Engage in simple science experiments or invention-inspired activities
  • Reading a related storybook

Day 4: Sports Heroes and Athletes

  • Focus on sports figures: Discuss athletes and their achievements
  • Learn about the importance of teamwork and perseverance
  • Physical activity: Engage in a mini sports event or obstacle course

Day 5: Leaders and Change-Makers

  • Explore leaders and change-makers: Discuss historical figures and activists
  • Engage in discussions about positive change and making a difference
  • Culmination activity: Students create “Famous People Gallery” displays with information and artwork

Recommended Books (with Amazon Links)

  1. “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” by Vashti Harrison Amazon Link
  2. “The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos” by Deborah Heiligman Amazon Link
  3. “She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World” by Chelsea Clinton Amazon Link

Recommended Video Links

  1. KidVision Pre-K: “Famous People” YouTube Link
  2. StoryBots: “Famous Inventors” YouTube Link
  3. Kids Learning Tube: “Famous Artists for Kids” YouTube Link

Arts and Crafts Activity

Create “Artist’s Masterpiece”: Provide art supplies for students to create their own artwork inspired by a famous artist.

Physical Activity

“Mini Sports Event”: Organize a mini sports event or obstacle course to highlight the importance of physical activity and teamwork.

Culmination Activity

Students create individual displays for a “Famous People Gallery,” showcasing information and artwork related to the famous individuals they learned about.

Bible Connection

Discuss the concept of using one’s talents and making a positive impact as found in the Bible, exploring passages that emphasize the importance of using one’s gifts for the betterment of others (e.g., Matthew 5:16, 1 Peter 4:10-11).

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