Unit Study: Kindergarten Enchanted Tales (Part 4)

Age and Grade Requirements

  • Age: 5-6 years old
  • Grade: Kindergarten


By the end of this unit study, students will be able to:

  1. Explore classic fairy tales and their imaginative worlds.
  2. Understand the characters, settings, and moral lessons of fairy tales.
  3. Develop creativity and critical thinking through storytelling and activities.
  4. Enhance language skills through discussions and role-playing.
  5. Gain exposure to basic concepts of literature, character values, and cultural stories.

Schedule (5 Days)

Day 1: Magical Beanstalk Adventure

  • Explore “Jack and the Beanstalk”: Discuss the story, characters, and magic
  • Engage in a “Beanstalk Craft” activity using paper and craft materials
  • Arts and crafts: Create “Magic Bean Pots” with paper and beans

Day 2: The Gingerbread Escape

  • Focus on “The Gingerbread Man”: Discuss the story, characters, and chase
  • Engage in a “Gingerbread Man Hunt” activity (outdoor or indoor)
  • Reading a related storybook

Day 3: Princess and the Pea Sensation

  • Explore “The Princess and the Pea”: Discuss the story and test of sensitivity
  • Learn about empathy and consideration for others’ comfort
  • Arts and crafts: Create “Royal Crown” using paper and decorations

Day 4: Three Billy Goats Gruff Crossing

  • Focus on “Three Billy Goats Gruff”: Discuss the story, characters, and bridge
  • Engage in a “Troll Bridge Challenge” engineering activity
  • Science activity: Explore bridge construction with craft sticks

Day 5: Culmination and Imaginary Landscapes

  • Culmination activity: Students create “Imaginary Landscapes” inspired by fairy tales
  • Discuss the importance of imagination and storytelling
  • Culmination activity: Share and present the imaginative landscapes

Recommended Books (with Amazon Links)

  1. “Jack and the Beanstalk” by Richard Walker Amazon Link
  2. “The Gingerbread Man” by Karen Schmidt Amazon Link
  3. “The Princess and the Pea” by Hans Christian Andersen Amazon Link

Recommended Video Links

  1. Pinkfong Fairy Tales: “Jack and the Beanstalk” YouTube Link
  2. The Gingerbread Man | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids YouTube Link
  3. The Princess and the Pea | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids YouTube Link

Arts and Crafts Activity

Create “Magic Bean Pots”: Decorate pots and plant beans as a creative representation of magic beans.

Engineering Activity

“Troll Bridge Challenge”: Engage in an engineering activity where students build a bridge using craft sticks to help the three billy goats cross.

Culmination Activity

Students create “Imaginary Landscapes” inspired by fairy tales, showcasing their creativity and storytelling skills.

Bible Connection

Discuss the concept of lessons and wisdom found in fairy tales, relating them to biblical principles of humility, kindness, and empathy (e.g., Proverbs 16:18, Ephesians 4:32).

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