Unity Study – Preschool End-of-Year Celebration

Target Age Group:

Preschoolers (Ages 3-5) Grade Level: Pre-K


Celebrate the achievements and growth of preschoolers throughout the year, fostering a sense of accomplishment and creating lasting memories.

Schedule: End-of-Year Celebration Plan

Day 1: Welcome and Reflection

  • Begin the celebration by welcoming parents, caregivers, and students.
  • Reflect on the highlights of the preschool year, sharing memorable moments.
  • Have children share their favorite experiences from the year.

Day 2: Showcasing Art and Projects

  • Set up an art and project gallery displaying children’s artwork and projects.
  • Encourage children to explain their creations to parents and guests.
  • Allow time for parents and children to explore the gallery together.

Day 3: Song and Dance Performances

  • Organize song and dance performances by preschoolers.
  • Practice and rehearse a few simple and fun songs or dances.
  • Create a mini stage or performance area for the children to showcase their talents.

Day 4: Graduation Ceremony

  • Host a mini graduation ceremony for preschoolers moving on to kindergarten.
  • Present each child with a certificate of completion.
  • Invite parents and caregivers to say a few words of encouragement.

Day 5: Outdoor Picnic and Games

  • Organize an outdoor picnic with a variety of healthy snacks and treats.
  • Set up fun and age-appropriate games like sack races, ring toss, or a bean bag toss.
  • Allow children to engage in active play and enjoy the outdoors.

Day 6: Storytime and Gift Exchange

  • Gather for a special storytime session with books chosen by the children.
  • Organize a small gift exchange, where each child gives and receives a small token.
  • Emphasize the importance of giving and receiving with gratitude.

Resource List:


  • Art supplies for the art gallery display
  • Musical instruments for song and dance performances
  • Graduation certificates
  • Outdoor picnic supplies (blankets, snacks, etc.)
  • Game equipment for outdoor games
  • Age-appropriate storybooks for storytime


  1. Art and Project Gallery – Display children’s artwork and projects.
  2. Song and Dance Performances – Allow children to showcase their musical and dancing talents.
  3. Graduation Ceremony – Recognize and celebrate children moving on to kindergarten.
  4. Outdoor Picnic and Games – Provide a fun outdoor picnic and engage in games.
  5. Storytime and Gift Exchange – Share stories and exchange small tokens of appreciation.
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