Animals and Nature

This lesson focuses on expanding the vocabulary of elementary school students by introducing them to the names of animals and basic nature terms in French. It aims to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the natural world, encouraging curiosity and discussions about animals, their habitats, and the environment.


  1. Animal (ah-nee-mahl) – Animal
  2. Chien (shee-en) – Dog
  3. Chat (sha) – Cat
  4. Oiseau (wah-zoh) – Bird
  5. Poisson (pwah-sohn) – Fish
  6. Arbre (ahr-bruh) – Tree
  7. Fleur (flur) – Flower
  8. Forêt (foh-ray) – Forest
  9. Rivière (ree-vee-air) – River
  10. Montagne (mohn-tahn-yuh) – Mountain
  11. Mer (mair) – Sea
  12. Plage (plahzh) – Beach
  13. Soleil (soh-lay) – Sun
  14. Lune (loon) – Moon
  15. Étoile (ay-twah-l) – Star
  16. Ciel (see-el) – Sky
  17. Terre (tair) – Earth
  18. Feuille (fuh-yuh) – Leaf
  19. Herbe (air-b) – Grass
  20. Pierre (pyair) – Stone

Practice Sentences

  1. Le chien court dans le parc. (The dog runs in the park.)
  2. Le chat dort sur le canapé. (The cat sleeps on the sofa.)
  3. L’oiseau chante dans l’arbre. (The bird sings in the tree.)
  4. Les poissons nagent dans la rivière. (The fish swim in the river.)
  5. J’aime sentir les fleurs. (I like to smell the flowers.)
  6. Nous allons nous promener dans la forêt. (We are going for a walk in the forest.)
  7. La rivière coule vers la mer. (The river flows to the sea.)
  8. La montagne est très haute. (The mountain is very high.)
  9. On peut voir les étoiles dans le ciel la nuit. (We can see the stars in the sky at night.)
  10. J’ai trouvé une belle pierre sur la plage. (I found a beautiful stone on the beach.)

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