Colors and Shapes

This lesson is tailored for elementary school students to introduce them to the vibrant world of colors and shapes in French. Students will learn how to identify and name common colors and shapes, enhancing their descriptive vocabulary and ability to discuss their preferences and surroundings in French.


  1. Rouge (roozh) – Red
  2. Bleu (bluh) – Blue
  3. Vert (vair) – Green
  4. Jaune (zhone) – Yellow
  5. Noir (nwar) – Black
  6. Blanc (blahnc) – White
  7. Orange (or-ahnj) – Orange
  8. Violet (vee-oh-lay) – Purple
  9. Rose (roz) – Pink
  10. Marron (mah-rohn) – Brown
  11. Cercle (sair-kl) – Circle
  12. Carré (kah-ray) – Square
  13. Triangle (tree-ahn-gluh) – Triangle
  14. Rectangle (rekt-ahn-gl) – Rectangle
  15. Étoile (ay-twahl) – Star
  16. Cœur (kuhr) – Heart
  17. Losange (lo-zahnj) – Diamond
  18. Ovale (oh-vahl) – Oval
  19. Hexagone (eks-ah-gohn) – Hexagon
  20. Octogone (ok-toh-gohn) – Octagon

Practice Sentences

  1. Le ciel est bleu. (The sky is blue.)
  2. La pomme est verte. (The apple is green.)
  3. J’ai un ballon rouge. (I have a red balloon.)
  4. Le soleil est jaune. (The sun is yellow.)
  5. La nuit est noire. (The night is black.)
  6. La neige est blanche. (The snow is white.)
  7. J’aime le jus d’orange. (I like orange juice.)
  8. Les violettes sont violettes. (The violets are purple.)
  9. Le cochon est rose. (The pig is pink.)
  10. L’ours est marron. (The bear is brown.)

Numbers and Counting

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