Grade 3 – Art Project Ideas

Week 1: Perspective Drawing
Learn about perspective and create drawings that depict depth and spatial relationships, exploring one-point and two-point perspective techniques.

Week 2: Found Object Sculptures
Create sculptures using found objects and recycled materials, exploring composition, balance, and the concept of repurposing in art.

Week 3: Sound Painting
Explore the connection between sound and visual art by creating abstract paintings or drawings inspired by different types of music or sounds.

Week 4: Fiber Arts
Experiment with fiber arts techniques such as weaving, embroidery, or macramé, creating small textiles or wall hangings.

Week 5: Landmark Photography
Capture photographs of local landmarks or significant places, exploring composition, perspective, and storytelling through images.

Week 6: Storyboard Animation
Create storyboards and animate short narratives using digital tools or traditional flipbook techniques, exploring the principles of animation.

Week 7: Pop Art Portraits
Create pop art-inspired portraits, exploring bold colors, patterns, and repetition to create vibrant and stylized artworks.

Week 8: Ceramic Hand building
Learn hand building techniques with clay, such as pinch pots, coils, and slabs, to create functional or decorative ceramic pieces.

Week 9: Environmental Art
Create art using natural materials found in the environment, such as stones, leaves, or twigs, exploring the relationship between art and nature.

Week 10: Graffiti Art
Explore the history and techniques of graffiti art and create graffiti-style artworks using stencils, spray paint, and markers.

Week 11: Paper Marbling
Experiment with the art of paper marbling, creating unique patterns and designs by floating pigments on water and transferring them to paper.

Week 12: Stop Motion Animation
Use objects, clay, or drawings to create stop motion animations, learning about frame sequencing and storytelling through motion.

Week 13: Cultural Masks
Research masks from different cultures and create your own masks inspired by their designs and meanings, using various materials and decorative elements.

Week 14: Printmaking with Nature
Explore printmaking techniques using natural materials like leaves, flowers, or vegetables to create organic and textured prints.

Week 15: Digital Collage
Use digital tools to create collages by combining images, textures, and patterns, exploring layering, composition, and visual storytelling.

Week 16: Recycled Sculpture Garden
Design and construct a miniature sculpture garden using recycled materials, exploring three-dimensional forms, scale, and environmental consciousness.

Week 17: Graphic Design
Learn about graphic design principles and create posters or advertisements, exploring typography, layout, and visual communication.

Week 18: Installation Art
Create temporary or site-specific art installations using various materials and concepts, transforming spaces and engaging viewers in interactive experiences.

Week 19: Ceramic Painting
Explore ceramic painting techniques, applying underglazes or glazes to clay pieces and experimenting with color, shading, and detail.

Week 20: Printmaking Exploration
Experiment with different printmaking techniques like linocut or etching, creating multiple prints and exploring texture, composition, and color.

Week 21: Digital Photography Editing
Learn basic digital photography editing techniques using software or apps, enhancing and manipulating photographs to create artistic effects.

Week 22: Wire Sculptures
Create sculptures using wire, exploring form, structure, and negative space, and experimenting with bending, twisting, and joining techniques.

Week 23: Abstract Expressionist Painting
Experiment with abstract expressionism by using bold brushstrokes, splatters, and drips to create expressive and energetic paintings.

Week 24: Collage Illustration
Combine collage and illustration techniques to create artworks that tell a story or convey a message, using cutouts, drawings, and mixed-media elements.

Week 25: Clay Relief Sculpture
Create relief sculptures using clay, exploring texture, depth, and storytelling through sculptural elements that extend from a flat surface.

Week 26: Public Art Project
Collaborate as a class to design and create a public art piece, such as a mural, sculpture, or installation, that enhances and beautifies a shared space.

Week 27: Abstract Photography
Explore abstract photography by capturing close-up or unconventional angles of everyday objects, focusing on shapes, lines, and textures.

Week 28: Wearable Art
Design and create wearable artworks using fabric, beads, or other materials, exploring the intersection of art, fashion, and personal expression.

Week 29: Ceramic Tile Mosaics
Design and create mosaic artworks using ceramic tiles, exploring patterns, color combinations, and symmetry to create visually striking compositions.

Week 30: Mixed Media Portraits
Create mixed media portraits using a combination of drawing, painting, and collage techniques, exploring representation, identity, and self-expression.

Week 31: Street Art Stencils
Explore street art techniques, such as stencil graffiti, by designing and creating stencils and using spray paint to make bold and impactful artworks.

Week 32: Fiber Art Sculptures
Create three-dimensional sculptures using fiber art techniques like wrapping, coiling, or knotting, exploring texture, form, and structure.

Week 33: Typography Design
Experiment with typography design by creating posters, logos, or typographic compositions, exploring different fonts, sizes, and layouts.

Week 34: Kinetic Art
Create kinetic artworks that incorporate movement, using various materials and mechanisms to explore the intersection of art and motion.

Week 35: Shadow Puppetry
Design and create shadow puppets and perform a puppet show using light and shadow, exploring storytelling and character development.

Week 36: Art Exhibition
Curate an art exhibition showcasing the students’ best artworks from the year, organizing and presenting them in a professional and creative manner.

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