Grade 7 – Art Project Ideas

Week 1: Printmaking: Linocut
Explore linocut printmaking by carving a design into a linoleum block and printing it on paper, exploring mark-making, texture, and the principles of printmaking.

Week 2: Graphic Design: Poster Design
Create visually compelling posters for a specific event or cause, applying graphic design principles, typography, and color theory to effectively communicate a message.

Week 3: Digital Photography: Portraits
Capture expressive and engaging portraits using digital photography techniques, exploring composition, lighting, and capturing the essence of the subject.

Week 4: Ceramic Sculpture: Abstract Forms
Create abstract ceramic sculptures by hand building or wheel throwing, exploring form, balance, and the expressive possibilities of clay as a sculptural medium.

Week 5: Digital Art: Surreal Landscapes
Create surreal digital artworks by combining and manipulating photographs, exploring imaginative landscapes, and experimenting with digital editing techniques.

Week 6: Mosaic Art: Collage with Tiles
Create mosaic artwork by assembling small tiles or pieces of colored glass, exploring patterns, color, and texture in the creation of a unified composition.

Week 7: Street Photography: Urban Life
Document urban life through street photography, capturing candid moments, interesting architecture, and the vibrancy of city streets while exploring composition and storytelling.

Week 8: Fashion Design: Upcycled Clothing
Design and create fashion garments using upcycled materials, exploring sustainable fashion practices, and considering elements such as silhouette, texture, and embellishments.

Week 9: Mixed Media Collage: Cultural Identity
Create mixed media collages that explore and express personal or cultural identity, combining various materials and imagery to convey meaning and symbolism.

Week 10: Digital Animation: Storytelling
Learn the basics of digital animation by creating short animated stories, exploring keyframes, timing, and the principles of animation to bring characters and narratives to life.

Week 11: Environmental Art: Land Art
Create land art installations using natural materials found in outdoor environments, exploring site-specificity, ephemeral art, and the relationship between art and nature.

Week 12: Architectural Drawing: Perspective
Deepen understanding of architectural drawing by creating perspective drawings of buildings or urban scenes, exploring spatial relationships, composition, and architectural details.

Week 13: Collagraph Printmaking: Experimental Surfaces
Create collagraph prints by building textured printing plates using various materials and techniques, exploring texture, layering, and the expressive possibilities of printmaking.

Week 14: Abstract Painting: Color and Texture
Explore abstract painting by focusing on color theory, texture, and expressive brushwork, experimenting with different techniques and materials to create visually dynamic compositions.

Week 15: Digital Music Composition: Electronic Sounds
Compose and produce electronic music using digital software and synthesizers, exploring sound design, composition techniques, and the creation of original musical pieces.

Week 16: Fiber Arts: Textile Dyeing and Shibori
Learn textile dyeing techniques, such as shibori, to create patterns and textures on fabric, exploring color theory, resist techniques, and the creation of unique textile designs.

Week 17: Documentary Photography: Photojournalism
Capture documentary photographs that tell a story or convey a message about a specific social issue or community, exploring photojournalism techniques and visual storytelling.

Week 18: Sculpture: Found Object Assemblage
Create sculptures using found objects and materials, exploring assemblage techniques, composition, and the transformation of everyday objects into art.

Week 19: Digital Collage: Surreal Portraits
Create surreal digital collages that combine elements from different photographs to create imaginative and thought-provoking portraits, exploring symbolism, composition, and visual storytelling.

Week 20: Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
Learn the basics of wheel throwing in ceramics, creating functional pottery pieces such as bowls, cups, or vases, exploring form, symmetry, and surface design.

Week 21: Documentary Film: Social Issues
Plan, shoot, and edit a short documentary film that addresses a social issue or sheds light on a specific community or cause, learning about documentary storytelling and filmmaking techniques.

Week 22: Abstract Sculpture: Wire and Found Objects
Create abstract sculptures using wire and found objects, exploring form, balance, and the integration of different materials into three-dimensional artworks.

Week 23: Printmaking: Dry point Etching
Explore dry point etching techniques by incising a design into a plate and creating prints, experimenting with line, texture, and the unique qualities of the printmaking process.

Week 24: Graffiti Art: Stencil Techniques
Experiment with stencil techniques in graffiti art, creating visually impactful and layered artworks that convey messages or explore personal expression in urban environments.

Week 25: Digital Painting: Fantasy Characters
Use digital painting techniques to create imaginative and detailed characters inspired by fantasy or mythology, exploring color, texture, and character design.

Week 26: Installation Art: Spatial Experiences
Create installation artworks that transform or engage a specific space, exploring scale, materials, and the immersive qualities of installation art.

Week 27: Artistic Photography: Still Life
Create artistic still life photographs by arranging objects and exploring composition, lighting, and the use of props and backgrounds to convey mood and visual interest.

Week 28: Bookbinding: Handmade Journals
Learn bookbinding techniques to create handmade journals or sketchbooks, exploring different binding methods, cover design, and personalization.

Week 29: Video Editing: Visual Storytelling
Learn video editing techniques to create compelling visual stories, exploring sequencing, pacing, and the use of transitions and effects to enhance the narrative.

Week 30: Abstract Collage: Geometric Abstraction
Create abstract collages using geometric shapes and patterns, exploring color theory, composition, and the interplay between form and abstraction.

Week 31: Public Art: Community Engagement
Collaborate on a public art project that engages the local community, considering public spaces, cultural relevance, and the impact of art on the community.

Week 32: Sculpture: Clay Portraits
Create clay sculptures of portraits, exploring facial features, expressions, and the three-dimensional representation of the human form through sculpture.

Week 33: Street Performance: Interactive Art
Create street performances or happenings that engage the audience and blur the boundaries between art and everyday life, exploring performance art and audience participation.

Week 34: Typography Design: Lettering and Logos
Explore typography design by creating lettering compositions and logos, considering the aesthetics of letterforms, visual hierarchy, and the principles of effective typography.

Week 35: Animation: Stop Motion Techniques
Learn stop motion animation techniques by creating short animations using objects or clay figures, exploring frame-by-frame movement, storytelling, and character animation.

Week 36: Art Exhibition: Showcase of Creativity
Curate an art exhibition that showcases the students’ best artworks from the year, organizing and presenting them in a professional and creative manner.

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