Grade 6 – Art Project Ideas

Week 1: Abstract Expressionism Painting
Explore the principles of abstract expressionism by creating vibrant and expressive paintings that convey emotions and energy through bold brushwork and non-representational forms.

Week 2: Digital Illustration: Character Design
Use digital tools to create original characters, focusing on character design principles, visual storytelling, and exploring different illustration techniques.

Week 3: Sculpture: Wire Art
Create three-dimensional sculptures using wire as the primary medium, exploring form, movement, and negative space in wire art.

Week 4: Graphic Design: Magazine Layout
Design and layout a magazine spread, learning about typography, visual hierarchy, and graphic design principles to create visually engaging and informative compositions.

Week 5: Screen Printing: T-Shirt Design
Learn screen printing techniques and create original designs for t-shirts, exploring color, composition, and the process of printing on fabric.

Week 6: Digital Collage: Surreal Landscapes
Combine digital collage techniques and surrealistic elements to create imaginative and dreamlike landscapes, experimenting with composition, texture, and visual storytelling.

Week 7: Environmental Sculptures: Recycled Materials
Create environmental sculptures using recycled materials, exploring the intersection of art and the environment and making a statement about sustainability.

Week 8: Ceramics: Raku Firing
Explore raku firing techniques in ceramics, creating pottery pieces and experiencing the unique results and surface effects of this traditional firing process.

Week 9: Documentary Filmmaking
Plan, shoot, and edit a short documentary film on a topic of interest, learning about storytelling, interview techniques, and visual storytelling in the documentary genre.

Week 10: Street Photography
Practice street photography by capturing candid moments and urban scenes, exploring composition, storytelling, and the art of capturing the essence of a place or culture.

Week 11: Installation Art: Interactive Experiences
Create installation artworks that engage the viewers through interactive elements, encouraging participation, reflection, or physical interaction.

Week 12: Mixed Media Portraits: Collage and Painting
Create mixed media portraits by combining collage and painting techniques, exploring the fusion of different materials, textures, and styles in portraiture.

Week 13: Experimental Printmaking
Explore experimental printmaking techniques such as monoprints, collagraphs, or solar plate prints, experimenting with texture, layering, and unique print effects.

Week 14: Animation: Claymation
Create claymation animations by manipulating clay characters or objects frame by frame, learning about storytelling, character movement, and the basics of stop motion animation.

Week 15: Fashion Illustration
Learn fashion illustration techniques and create fashion sketches or illustrations that showcase clothing designs, focusing on proportions, movement, and style.

Week 16: Perspective Drawing: Interior Spaces
Deepen understanding of perspective by creating drawings or renderings of interior spaces, exploring spatial relationships, architectural details, and light and shadow.

Week 17: Public Art: Sculptural Installations
Collaborate to design and create sculptural installations for public spaces, exploring the impact of art in the community and addressing social or environmental issues.

Week 18: Digital Painting: Fantasy Worlds
Use digital tools to create digital paintings that depict imaginative and fantastical worlds, exploring color, atmosphere, and the creation of immersive environments.

Week 19: Collagraph Printmaking
Create collagraph prints by building textured printing plates from found materials, exploring texture, pattern, and the possibilities of printmaking.

Week 20: Abstract Sculptures: Kinetic Art
Create abstract sculptures with kinetic elements, exploring movement, balance, and the integration of mechanical components into artwork.

Week 21: Narrative Photography: Visual Storytelling
Capture a series of photographs that tell a narrative or convey a story, exploring composition, sequencing, and the power of visual storytelling.

Week 22: Ceramic Hand building: Functional Pottery
Explore advanced hand building techniques in ceramics to create functional pottery pieces such as bowls, plates, or teapots, considering form, function, and surface design.

Week 23: Street Art Murals: Social Commentary
Design and create street art murals that convey social commentary or raise awareness about a particular issue, using bold imagery and impactful messages.

Week 24: Abstract Collage: Expressive Abstraction
Create abstract collages that convey emotions and personal expression, experimenting with different materials, textures, and compositions.

Week 25: Photography Editing: Digital Manipulation
Learn advanced photography editing techniques using software tools, exploring image manipulation, retouching, and creative effects.

Week 26: Assemblage Art: Found Objects
Create assemblage artworks using found objects and materials, exploring composition, symbolism, and the transformation of ordinary objects into art.

Week 27: Calligraphy: Modern Script
Learn modern script calligraphy styles and create decorative lettering compositions, focusing on letterforms, flourishes, and creative typography.

Week 28: Environmental Photography: Landscapes
Capture photographs of natural landscapes, exploring composition, lighting, and the beauty of the natural world through the lens of environmental photography.

Week 29: Woodworking: Functional Objects
Learn woodworking techniques and create functional objects such as small furniture pieces, utensils, or decorative boxes, focusing on craftsmanship and design.

Week 30: Installation Art: Light and Projection
Create installation artworks that incorporate light and projection, exploring the interplay between light, shadow, space, and visual effects.

Week 31: Ceramic Tiles: Relief Sculptures
Design and create ceramic relief sculptures on tiles, exploring texture, depth, and the possibilities of creating three-dimensional effects in clay.

Week 32: Graphic Design: Branding and Packaging
Develop branding concepts and design packaging for a fictional or real-world product, considering visual identity, marketing, and consumer appeal.

Week 33: Pop Art Portraits: Mixed Media
Create pop art-inspired portraits using mixed media techniques, combining painting, collage, and bold color choices to create visually striking and vibrant artworks.

Week 34: Photography: Macro Exploration
Explore the world of macro photography by capturing close-up images of small objects or details, focusing on composition, texture, and the beauty of the miniature.

Week 35: Fiber Art: Textile Sculptures
Create three-dimensional textile sculptures using fabric, thread, and other fiber materials, exploring form, texture, and the relationship between fiber and sculpture.

Week 36: Art Exhibition: Celebration of Creativity
Curate an art exhibition showcasing the students’ best artworks from the year, organizing and presenting them in a professional and creative manner.

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