Maya Civilization

The Maya Civilization was an ancient Mesoamerican civilization that flourished in the regions now known as Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. In this lesson, we will explore the basic concepts of the Maya Civilization, its history, and its impact on the world.


The Maya Civilization was situated in the tropical lowlands and highlands of the Central American region, covering an area of approximately 400,000 square kilometers. It was located in the present-day countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.


The Maya Civilization has a rich and complex history, with evidence of human civilization dating back to the 11th century BCE. Some of the most significant historical events and periods of the Maya Civilization include:

The Preclassic Period – the period from 2000 BCE to 250 CE, marked by the rise of the Olmec and the development of the Maya culture.

The Classic Period – the period from 250 CE to 900 CE, marked by the height of the Maya Civilization, with the construction of monumental architecture, the development of a complex writing system, and advancements in art, astronomy, and mathematics.

The Postclassic Period – the period from 900 CE to 1500 CE, marked by the decline of the Maya Civilization due to various factors, such as environmental degradation, political instability, and external invasion.


The Maya Civilization has had a profound impact on the world, with its civilization and culture contributing to the development of various fields, such as:

Astronomy and Mathematics – The Maya Civilization made significant advancements in astronomy and mathematics, with the development of a complex calendar system and the invention of the concept of zero.

Art and Architecture – The Maya Civilization was renowned for its impressive architecture, including monumental pyramids, palaces, and temples. They also created intricate works of art, such as murals, sculptures, and ceramics.

Language and Writing – The Maya Civilization developed a complex writing system, known as hieroglyphics, which allowed them to record their history, culture, and traditions.


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