Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced team sport played on an ice rink, where two teams use sticks to hit a puck into the opponent’s net to score goals.

Description and How to Do It

The game involves six players per side, including a goaltender. Players skate across the ice, handling the puck with their sticks, aiming to shoot it into the opposing team’s goal. The game requires skillful skating, puck handling, passing, teamwork, and strategy.


  • Physical Fitness: Enhances cardiovascular endurance, strength, and agility.
  • Coordination and Balance: Improves balance and hand-eye coordination.
  • Teamwork: Encourages team dynamics and strategic cooperation.
  • Mental Toughness: Develops resilience and quick decision-making under pressure.

Best Age to Start

Children can start playing ice hockey around the age of 5 or 6.


  • Websites: for professional insights and news.
  • YouTube: Channels like iTrain Hockey for skill development and drills.
  • Movies/Documentaries: “Miracle” (film), “Ice Guardians” (documentary).
  • Books: “The Game” by Ken Dryden (available on Amazon).

Equipment and Costs

  • Hockey Skates: $50-$200.
  • Hockey Stick: $30-$150.
  • Protective Gear (helmet, pads): $100-$300.
  • Ice Time (rink fees): $10-$30 per hour.
  • Team Fees: $100-$300 monthly.
  • League Fees: Varies, approximately $200-$500 per season.

Starting Tips

  • Start with basic skating lessons and progress to hockey-specific skills.
  • Join a local hockey club or league for structured practice and games.
  • Watch hockey games to understand the rules and strategies.

Recommended Practice Frequency

Practice 3-4 times a week, including on-ice and off-ice training.

Requirements/Tasks for Mastery

  • Master advanced skating, puck handling, and tactical skills.
  • Participate in competitive leagues and tournaments.
  • Consistently demonstrate sportsmanship and team leadership.

Famous Ice Hockey Players

  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Sidney Crosby

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