Grade 10 – Project Based Lessons

Month 1: Social Entrepreneurship Challenge
Description: The Social Entrepreneurship Challenge project encourages students to develop innovative business solutions that address social or environmental issues. They will identify a problem, conduct market research, create a business plan, and design a prototype or service. Students will pitch their social entrepreneurship ideas to a panel of judges.

Month 2: Sustainable Architecture and Design
Description: The Sustainable Architecture and Design project focuses on designing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Students will study sustainable design principles, analyze existing structures, and propose sustainable solutions. They will create architectural models or virtual designs that incorporate green building practices and renewable energy systems.

Month 3: Global Economic Analysis
Description: The Global Economic Analysis project explores the interconnectedness of global economies. Students will research and analyze economic systems, trade policies, and global economic issues. They will examine the impact of globalization, trade agreements, or economic disparities on different countries. Students will present their findings and propose strategies for inclusive economic growth.

Month 4: STEM for Social Good
Description: The STEM for Social Good project integrates STEM disciplines to address social challenges. Students will identify a community issue and develop a STEM-based solution. They may design and build assistive technologies, develop mobile applications for social impact, or create innovative devices to improve quality of life. Students will showcase their projects and their potential social impact.

Month 5: Civic Journalism and Media Activism
Description: The Civic Journalism and Media Activism project empowers students to explore the role of journalism in promoting social change. They will investigate current societal issues, conduct interviews, and create multimedia journalism projects. Students will raise awareness, spark public dialogue, and advocate for positive change through their media activism.

Month 6: Cultural Preservation and Heritage Restoration
Description: The Cultural Preservation and Heritage Restoration project focuses on preserving cultural heritage sites or artifacts. Students will research endangered cultural landmarks, study restoration techniques, and develop preservation plans. They may organize fundraising events, collaborate with experts, and engage the community in preserving and appreciating cultural heritage.

Month 7: Medical Innovations and Biotechnology
Description: The Medical Innovations and Biotechnology project explores advancements in the field of medicine and biotechnology. Students will research cutting-edge medical technologies, such as gene editing, regenerative medicine, or medical imaging. They will propose innovative solutions or create prototypes that address medical challenges and improve patient care.

Month 8: Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief
Description: The Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief project focuses on understanding and responding to humanitarian crises and natural disasters. Students will research disaster response strategies, analyze case studies, and develop emergency preparedness plans. They may organize fundraising events or collaborate with organizations involved in humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts.

Month 9: Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design
Description: The Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design project explores the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. Students will study sustainable fashion practices, upcycling techniques, or ethical sourcing. They will design and create sustainable fashion pieces, organize fashion shows, or develop campaigns to promote responsible fashion consumption.

Grade 9 – Project Based Lessons

Grade 11 – Project Based Lessons