Grade 7 – Project Based Lessons

Month 1: Historical Documentary
Description: The Historical Documentary project challenges students to research and create a documentary on a significant historical event or period. They will conduct interviews, gather primary and secondary sources, and edit footage to produce an engaging and informative documentary that showcases their historical knowledge and storytelling skills.

Month 2: Environmental Impact Assessment
Description: The Environmental Impact Assessment project focuses on evaluating the environmental impact of a proposed development project. Students will learn about environmental regulations, conduct field studies, and analyze data to assess the potential consequences of the project. They will create reports with recommendations for sustainable development practices.

Month 3: Cultural Heritage Preservation
Description: The Cultural Heritage Preservation project aims to raise awareness and promote the preservation of cultural heritage. Students will identify local cultural landmarks, traditions, or artifacts at risk of being lost. They will research their significance, document them through photography or videos, and organize exhibitions or presentations to advocate for their preservation.

Month 4: Sustainable Transportation Solutions
Description: The Sustainable Transportation Solutions project explores sustainable transportation alternatives to reduce environmental impact. Students will study different modes of transportation, analyze their carbon footprint, and propose sustainable transportation solutions for their community. They may develop public awareness campaigns or design innovative transportation systems.

Month 5: Science Behind Food
Description: The Science Behind Food project combines science and nutrition. Students will investigate the science behind food production, processing, and consumption. They will conduct experiments, analyze nutritional content, and explore the impact of food choices on health and the environment. Students may organize a healthy cooking competition or develop informative resources.

Month 6: Social Justice Campaign
Description: The Social Justice Campaign project empowers students to raise awareness and take action on social justice issues. They will research and analyze topics such as poverty, inequality, or human rights violations. Students will create multimedia campaigns, organize awareness events, and collaborate with local organizations to advocate for social justice.

Month 7: Robotics and Automation Advancements
Description: The Robotics and Automation Advancements project delves deeper into robotics and automation technologies. Students will explore advanced concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or autonomous systems. They will design and build more complex robots, program them to perform intricate tasks, and present their advancements in robotics.

Month 8: Investigating Climate Change
Description: The Investigating Climate Change project focuses on studying the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change. Students will analyze climate data, examine the effects on ecosystems and communities, and propose strategies for mitigating climate change. They may create educational campaigns or organize climate action events.

Month 9: Entrepreneurship and Business Plan
Description: The Entrepreneurship and Business Plan project enables students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and create a comprehensive business plan. They will identify a business idea, conduct market research, design marketing strategies, and outline financial projections. Students will present their business plans to a panel of experts or even pitch their ideas to potential investors.

Grade 6 – Project Based Lessons

Grade 8 – Project Based Lessons