Grade 8 – Project Based Lessons

Month 1: Historical Inquiry and Debate
Description: The Historical Inquiry and Debate project challenges students to research and analyze different perspectives on a historical event or controversy. They will engage in debates, present evidence-based arguments, and develop critical thinking and research skills while deepening their understanding of historical events.

Month 2: Environmental Sustainability Solutions
Description: The Environmental Sustainability Solutions project focuses on finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Students will research sustainability issues, develop and implement action plans, and propose initiatives to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable living within their school or community.

Month 3: Civic Engagement and Community Service
Description: The Civic Engagement and Community Service project encourages students to actively participate in their community and address local issues. They will identify community needs, collaborate with local organizations, and plan and implement service projects that have a positive impact on their community.

Month 4: Digital Media Production
Description: The Digital Media Production project allows students to explore various forms of digital media creation. They will learn about storytelling, video production, graphic design, or audio editing. Students will create their own digital media projects such as short films, podcasts, or digital art pieces.

Month 5: Scientific Inquiry and Experimentation
Description: The Scientific Inquiry and Experimentation project focuses on the scientific method and experimental design. Students will develop hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions. They will present their findings through scientific reports or presentations.

Month 6: Cultural Awareness and Diversity
Description: The Cultural Awareness and Diversity project promotes understanding and appreciation of different cultures and perspectives. Students will research and explore diverse cultural traditions, beliefs, and practices. They will organize cultural fairs, presentations, or art exhibitions to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

Month 7: Global Issues and Sustainable Development
Description: The Global Issues and Sustainable Development project examines pressing global challenges such as poverty, climate change, or access to education. Students will research and propose sustainable development solutions to address these issues. They will create awareness campaigns, develop action plans, and advocate for positive change on a global scale.

Month 8: STEM Innovation and Design
Description: The STEM Innovation and Design project encourages students to apply STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) principles to design and create innovative solutions. They will identify real-world problems, develop prototypes, and test and refine their designs. Students will present their innovations to a panel of experts or organize a STEM fair.

Month 9: Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship
Description: The Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship project equips students with essential financial literacy skills and entrepreneurial mindset. They will learn about budgeting, saving, investment, and business concepts. Students will develop personal finance plans and create business proposals, showcasing their understanding of financial management and entrepreneurial strategies.

Grade 7 – Project Based Lessons

Grade 9 – Project Based Lessons