Grade 12 – Project Based Lessons

Month 1: Entrepreneurship and Business Plan
Description: The Entrepreneurship and Business Plan project challenges students to develop a comprehensive business plan for a startup idea of their choice. They will conduct market research, analyze the competitive landscape, create financial projections, and present a well-rounded business plan that demonstrates their understanding of entrepreneurship and business management.

Month 2: Ethical Dilemmas in Science and Technology
Description: The Ethical Dilemmas in Science and Technology project explores ethical issues arising from advancements in science and technology. Students will research and analyze real-life case studies, consider ethical implications, and propose solutions or guidelines for responsible scientific and technological practices.

Month 3: International Relations and Diplomacy Simulation
Description: The International Relations and Diplomacy Simulation project immerses students in a simulated international environment where they assume the roles of diplomats representing different countries. They will engage in negotiations, debate global issues, and work towards finding diplomatic solutions to complex international problems.

Month 4: Advanced Coding and Software Development
Description: The Advanced Coding and Software Development project allows students to enhance their coding skills and develop complex software applications. They will explore advanced programming concepts, design software architecture, and create functional and user-friendly applications that solve real-world problems or address specific needs.

Month 5: Investigative Journalism and Media Ethics
Description: The Investigative Journalism and Media Ethics project focuses on in-depth research, investigative reporting, and ethical considerations in journalism. Students will investigate and analyze complex issues, conduct interviews, and publish investigative reports while upholding journalistic ethics and responsible reporting.

Month 6: Social Psychology and Behavior Analysis
Description: The Social Psychology and Behavior Analysis project delves into the study of human behavior, attitudes, and social interactions. Students will conduct surveys, analyze data, and draw conclusions about various social phenomena. They may explore topics such as conformity, persuasion, or group dynamics.

Month 7: Applied Mathematics in Real-World Scenarios
Description: The Applied Mathematics in Real-World Scenarios project applies mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills to real-life situations. Students will tackle mathematical challenges in fields such as finance, engineering, or computer science, demonstrating the practical applications of mathematics in different industries.

Month 8: Film Production and Cinematography
Description: The Film Production and Cinematography project allows students to explore the art of filmmaking and cinematography. They will learn various aspects of film production, including scriptwriting, directing, camera techniques, and post-production editing. Students will create their own short films, showcasing their storytelling and technical skills.

Month 9: Contemporary Art Exhibition
Description: The Contemporary Art Exhibition project involves curating and organizing an art exhibition that showcases the works of emerging artists or explores a specific theme in contemporary art. Students will engage in art critique, learn about different art movements, and curate a cohesive and visually engaging exhibition for the public to enjoy.

Grade 11 – Project Based Lessons

Grade 1 – Art Project Ideas